Chestnut's 11th Costume Ball, Sunday, May 3, 2020

Chestnut’s Costume Ball is primarily meant for dancers who have been working on the programme for the past months but it also addresses beginners and onlookers, for whom we have also planned simpler dances.

For dancers who cannot attend the annual training courses (see the 2019-2020 season brochure), but want to prepare for the Chestnut’s 11th Costume Ball in Paris, Sunday, May 3, 2020, Chestnut organizes :


Please note: you are welcome to attend these courses even if you cannot attend the May 3rd costume ball!

Full details and registration form soon available here. 

Programme of the Chestnut’s 11th Costume ball :


At the beginning  
Greenwood (AL*)
Staines Morris (BL*)
Spring Garden (AL)
Portsmouth (IL*)


The end of the monopoly
(end of 17th to 18thcenturies)
Joy after Sorrow (AL+IL)
Orange Nan (AL+IL)
Honeywell Circle (BL)
Miss long’s for it (AL)


From Jane to Victoria
(end of 18thcentury to Rengency Period)
Le Carillon de Dunkerque
La Beaudri (cotillon) (AL)
Pavillion’s Waltz (AL+IL)
The Touchstone (BL)
Theodore (AL)


The new choreographers
Miss Avril’s delight (AL)
Rebecca’s Roundabout (BL)
Mr Stapledon’s New Hornpipe (AL)
Early Frost (IL)
The Slip (AL+IL)



*BL: Beginners-Level dance
*IL: Intermediary-Level dance
*AL: Advanced-Level Dance


Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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